"We spent 80% of our life trading"


Neogotiation are techniques, models and practices for executives,
Managers, and professionals from all sectors of the public, private and
Non-profit sectors to improve performance and relationships in the highly competitive and global market.

Our methodological approach to negotiation emphasizes
Physiological conditions in the interaction between different types of
Actors with varying levels of power.

Neogotiation explores tools for sales forces, sourcing and project management;

Consultants, public leaders, alternative dispute resolution for lawyers,
Labor disputes for human resources professionals,
Environmental conflicts and all financial scenarios. Throughout our

In the process of Neogotiation there are moments of reflection alternating
With moments of action, allowing each participant to create a path
For a meaningful victory.


Our methodology is all about identifying
Potential problems, creating solutions and structuring value creation.
And distribution of value based on the organizational priorities of each negotiation.


A student, a worker, a boss, a leader, a stakeholder, all need to negotiate and deal with people of different cultures, personalities, motivations and intentions.

This can be unpleasant and complicated. Neogotiation offers tools to deal with complications, creating new energies to transform into Pleasant results.
It promotes trust and relationship to an organization competitive advantage never seen before.


Our mission is to disseminate the knowledge we have gained through many years of study and accomplishments, creating new opportunities for achievement for people. Strengthen human relations by valuing ethics and equality.

The Reinvented Trading
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