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Master in negotiation held four lectures in China to launch his new book

Work brings techniques to help people on a daily basis to close deals with harmony and multiple gains

Considered one of the world's leading experts in competitive and cooperative negotiations, with more than 17 books published in 10 countries, Yann Duzert was in China this October where he gave four lectures at Tsinghua, Zhejiang, Hangzhou and Shanghai universities and the launch of his book. The first edition has 50,000 copies.

Negotiating is an art, one must keep in mind the whole purpose of the goal to be achieved. Yann Duzert is launching the book Newgotiation - The Neuroscience of Negotiation. In the work, the author, based on premises and a careful analysis of hundreds of processes, propose a new type of negotiation, more advantageously, based on a deep knowledge of the psychophysical functioning of oneself and the other (interest, alternatives, options, commitment, standards and relationship).

The reader will have at hand a modern trading technique to apply in their day to day. In working with colleagues, neighbors, family in everyday life in general. If we spend 80% of our life trading, we can do this with the pleasure of trading, explains Yann Duzert.

For the negotiation expert, it is clear that there is a lack of training and there is a shortage and obsolescence of techniques for managing conflicts at times of negotiation. With the book, Duzert intends to fill these gaps through techniques based on mechanics that align interests by generating harmony from innovations in cognitive sciences. For most practitioners, learning to trade empirically and intuitively is extremely complex. In general, they spend too much time, money, and energy to produce poor results. Therefore, it is important to develop new methodologies that address these issues, he says.

The author also affirms that people who use the new way of negotiating improve the service and the relationship with everyone around them, as well as registering more profitability and competitiveness for their lives improving their perception of the facts and avoiding misunderstandings. According to Duzert, the method, applied with ethics and moral elegance, allows the reader to obtain a satisfactory conclusion of the negotiation for both parties.

The methodology is valid for both the business environment and everyday situations. After all, the old way of negotiating - winning / losing - coercive is like shooting with an analog camera in times of digital machines: anyone who does not have this new technique and mentality will not achieve the expected prosperity of his life, he explains.

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