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Yann Duzert Launches New Book in China

Yann Duzert's new book in China was now launched in November with the title: "From Confrontation to Win-Win: Act as the Leading Negotiators,"

The book comes out in the first edition with 15 thousand copies.

The First Teacher Book Released in China in 2017 was considered the second most influential book that year.

Negotiation is not a confrontation of interests, but a process with innumerable possibilities that can achieve a win-win situation. World-class trading system and thinking strategy from world-renowned negotiation experts It has 1 million followers and students worldwide, helping traders to manage trading risks. Improve the efficiency of negotiations.

As long as there are different opinions, negotiations are required. The need for negotiation exists in all aspects of life and work. 90% of conflicts in life are not due to the interests themselves, but to the way we talk and communicate. How to earn what you want through negotiation is the secret that the book "From Confrontation to Win-Winning" wants to reveal.


Negotiations are everywhere in real life and at work. According to statistics, each person should face a small decision every 5 minutes on average, and as long as there are different opinions, it is necessary to negotiate. Negotiations are very important: Each of us must master certain negotiating skills and reasoning methods to better deal with differences, improve the happiness of life, and improve work efficiency.

In the traditional sense, negotiators always do their best to treat each other, in reverse: the new theory of negotiation defended in the book Confronting / Winning will, in a new way, argue among themselves. Create a positive communication opportunity to make negotiators and the negotiation process more malleable.

In the book, the author combines the classic cases of ancient and modern Chinese and foreign negotiation, analyzes the type of negotiator and the "four steps + ten elements + twenty six strategies" thinking structure of the new negotiation and provides a complete set of new strategies and trading thinking. The system thus promotes better cooperation between negotiators and minimizes the risk of negotiation so that stakeholders can gain effective incentives and motivation to help negotiators improve their core competitiveness.

90% of conflicts in life are not due to the interests themselves, but to the way we talk and communicate. How to get what you want through negotiation is the secret this book wants to reveal.

"About the authors"

Dr. Yann Duzert

A world-renowned negotiator, professor at the Rennes School of Business in France, postdoctoral fellow at Harvard University and the "Public Conflict and Negotiation" at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and doctorate in Risk Science, Information and Decision at the French Higher School . Currently, 20 books have been published and negotiated. The conflicting books, together with three Nobel laureates in economics, Arrow, Kahneman and Tversky, published three monographs in 16 countries. Acting as consultant for Sony, Siemens, Petrobras, World Trade Organization, World Bank and Brazilian Ministry of Commerce.

Shen lijuan

Master in International Public Policy and Management, Sol Price College, University of Southern California, Ph.D., Business Administration, University of Nice, France. He is a foreign language school at Hangzhou Normal University. He visited the University FGV in Brazil. The chief strategy consultant for the Hualin International Education and Language Service Company, the German CBD education consultant and the founder of the Enterprise Internationalization Consulting Service Platform. Member of the China-Africa Chamber of Commerce, Member of the Fiscal Council of the Zhejiang Province Jiangsu Foundation Chamber of Commerce, Deputy Secretary-General of the China-US Silicon Valley Development Promotion Association and member of the International Convention Association and Zhejiang Exhibitions. Attend the G20 Summit language service in Hangzhou.

Wang Sai

Ph.D., Managing Partner of Kotler Consulting (KMG) in China, Director of the Growth Laboratory of Tsinghua University Business Model Research Center, serves as a marketing growth strategy consultant for a large number of entrepreneurs and Chinese CEOs. At the same time, he served as a perennial consultant to Haier Group, Tencent's AI accelerator consultant and perennial consultant to China Life Insurance. He has taught market management strategy courses for 17 domestic and foreign business schools, including Tsinghua University, Australian National University, Australian National University, Beijing Jiaotong University, and Nine University of Paris. Consultant for many companies.

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